Make Your Computer Look Great With Wallpaper Backgrounds

heart wallpaper backgroundDon’t desktop wallpapers just look cool on the background? More so when they break the monotony and boring appearance of the typical blue screen, characteristic of the windows default theme. The beauty of wallpapers is the freedom we get in customizing the aesthetic effects of our desktop screen and below you’ll get a few tips on how to make your desktop look great with wallpaper backgrounds.

Using One Single Image

A great deal of operating systems, like Windows 8 or Mac OS X, have their own settings on how to modify the background wallpapers. Using a single image for your background is one such way of giving your desktop a tantalizing flare.

Because you only have one image to work with, make sure you choose the best photo that will always make you smile each time you log into your computer. It can be your favorite movie wallpaper, a cartoon character, self designed wallpapers or a special professional photo of your lovely family.

Changing Background Images

This trick comes in handy when you get tired of the one-image background look. You definitely want a new experience like images changing in intervals and you get to see a new cool background each time you close a folder or shifting between applications on your desktop. Most Operating Systems come with ready installed themes you can work with.

On top of that, you can also download fresh and cool images from the internet and have them transition one after the other on the background; the operating system also gives you the liberty of varying the time frequency with which the images shift from one to the other.

Let Your Background Come Alive!

We can never get enough of mind-blowing wallpaper effects, and the animated background is one modern day future with a lot of popularity. You can choose between human characters, cartoons, animals or animes and every time you log into your computer, they are in motion!

It’s really breathtaking if your winter wallpaper actually had real snowflakes trickling down or the lights on the Christmas tree wallpaper lit randomly!

Making Your Desktop Background The Highlight

Do the hideous desktop texts on icons really get you when they hide that amazing background or its effects? Here is the good news; you can actually get rid of them! For the Windows OS user, clicking on ‘rename’ on an icon, holding down the alt key, then typing 255 on the right side number pad clears the texts.

The same can be done for the next icons until all your icons are text free giving more room for your background to shine. You can look up on the internet how you can do the same with different OS platforms like OS X or Ubuntu.

Modify Your Wallpaper To Look Better

This happens often, you download that cool looking wallpaper, set it on the background and, bummer!, the image is distorted. This can only mean there is a different in pixel quality on the image thus you may need to carry out some modifications.

All operating systems in the market give an option of modifying the images to stretch, fit or appear at the center. So one is at liberty to re-shape the image until it looks plush on your background!

With the above helpful tips you now have an idea on how to make your desktop look great with wallpaper backgrounds. Visit Ventube.Com to browse thousands of free HD wallpaper backgrounds for your Mac or PC.